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Please help us to finish Video Protocols mobile application

Innovating the Learning & Sharing of Lab Protocols

Thanks for stop by! Based on our research experience, we know how important the lab protocols are in doing experiments, so we have built a video protocol website which is designed to allow researchers to easily learn and share lab protocols via hosted videos since 2011 (Video Protocols). Now, I have repackaged the video protocols website into a user-friendly, mobile application, which will make researchers’ lives even easier.

This app aims to provide a better platform for research communities to learn and share experiment methods in an interactive and compelling video format. The mission of my app is to educate and empower researchers to make their next big breakthroughs faster. I have already built up a prototype of this app, the following videos are the app demos:

Smart Step-by-Step function:


As I am not a professional mobile app programmer, I can not finish this app and make it online by my solo power, so I need to raise up the fund for hiring the professionals to make it downloadable for all the medical researchers in the world! Your help will not only help me but all the medical researchers in the world and potentially all the people in the world who need or will need the medical cares!

What We Need?

I have talked with some professional programmers, they think if I want to finish this app, the most inexpensive way is to hire a freelance programmer.

The Impact!

This project has been submitted to the University of Chicago App Challenge 2013. Due to the innovation and value of this mobile app, it has been selected as one of the three finalists in this mobile app challenge (link:

App Key Features:

With this mobile app, the medical researchers will-

•Easy to understand the protocols

•Allow for on-the-go learning, anywhere

•Easily share the protocols

•Follow and perform experiments in real-time, step by step

•Organize and store the protocols on the cloud

The following video will help you to understand why his project is valuable to the contributor and to the world.

Please help me to finish this mobile app, please consider making a donation of $5, $20, $50 or whatever you can to support Video Protocols mobile app.

PayPal account info.


Contact me directly if you have any concerns or suggestions!
Tao Sun